Monday, June 4, 2012

Quick overview: Water

What's with this liquid we call water? Well, there is benefits you should be paying attention to if you want to dramatically reduce your belly. Water can be a starter for the weight watcher since it can reduce the way you eat. It's essential to living things here on earth so it has to be a big deal. Water flushes toxins that are harmful to the body that are also contributing to the weight gain some people just can't get rid of. Also, there is no weight gain drinking water unlike sugary drinks. Radiant skin is always a plus if acne is a big problem. Drinking the recommended 8 cups a day can go a long way if you start now, go ahead if you haven't. Good day to you!

Refreshing with no added calories


  1. Water, the source of life. How come it has to taste so bland and boring?

    1. Haha good one :) It's not so bad after you get used to it

  2. I Love Ice water, I drink about 3 cups a day....then I have to pee a lot

  3. That's good :-) Better some than none

  4. great advice! I shoot for a gallon a day.

  5. You should say hi to our old friend the gnome. He misses you!