Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to get to sleep easier...

Woman sleeping peacefully
Sleep Peacefully

-Check your mattress and pillows

An old mattress or flat pillows can leave you with aches and pains in the morning. You should feel better after you wake up, not worse. If your mattress is more than seven years old, or your pillows have lost their fluff, it's time to replace them. Also, spray lavender fragrance on your pillowcases and sheets to aid relaxation and rest.
-Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine

 It's obvious that you should avoid coffee and soda in the evening, but other caffeine-laden beverages and foods should also be avoided, such as chocolate, non-herbal tea and even some pain relievers. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can also cause you to sleep very lightly, robbing you of deep, restful sleep.

-Take a bath.

 Tip a little perfume or lavender oil, and some bubble bath into the warm, but not hot water, to relax yourself.

-Get rid of your TV

Watching TV keeps you stimulated. Your bedroom should be all about rest. Watch television in the living room hours before your bedtime, and then once in your room, listen to some soft music or meditate before going to sleep.

-Avoid heavy exercise right before bed

Your head will be swimming with energy after these and will not want to sleep.

-Turn down the heat

For optimal sleep, your body should be warm and cozy, while your head is slightly cooler. Therefore, you don't want the room temperature to be too warm. Turn down the heat and add another blanket to your bed if your body is too cold.

-Put a wet/damp cloth on your eyes

This will help your eyes to de-stress and gives relief.

Remember, sleep is needed to have a relaxed mind & body.


  1. Nice tips, I sleep awful because I don't do any of these. I always have a TV, I always have soda before bed. I really should try sleeping better, and the few times I've took a bath before bed, I had a wonderful night sleep!

  2. yea i love taking a shower before relaxing bro

  3. Get rid of my tv you say?!! never!!!!!!! lol

  4. my TV is bolted to my ill have to live with just having it turned off :)

    but in all seriousness thanks for the tips

  5. Good tips, I have trouble sleeping sometimes so will give these a try!

  6. Great blog and post! Following!!/MemeDoctor

  7. Question: How do you feel about using incense when relaxing? Nothing sleep related (although that would be nice).

    1. I used to meditate. When I used incense, I was way more relaxed and able to beam myself into another dimensions :p

    2. that is awesome..i have not used incense earl but i do love the relaxation that comes with it

  8. Such a coincidence to read tips on how to sleep better as I started to have back pains since about 3 days after getting up which I've never had before. Will follow!

  9. I'll give this a try. Man, do I hate being unable to sleep.