Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vitamin C

I'm drinking a vitamin c supplement at the moment so I wanted to give you guys some benefits to get you started acquiring more vitamin c into your daily diet.
-Boost immune system
-Prevents cardiovascular disease
-Radiant skin
-Forms Collagen
Vitamin C can be found in tablets, drink powder, & even food. Main fruits with vitamin c are kiwis, oranges, tomatoes & berries to name a few. There is nothing wrong with taking something like vitamin c, so why not start today? Drink water as usual! Have a good day!

Full of vitamin c


  1. Vitamin C is one of the most important and orange juice is pretty good

  2. Vitamin C , by far the tastiest of all vitamins, lol

  3. Orange Juice is great, good source of Vitamin C!

  4. lemon drink
    and you get all benefits
    nice info

  5. That sounds delicious, I will try it, thanks!

  6. I love oranges but hate orange juice. Am Am I weird? Haha. Lemon juice is still number 1 in my book though!

  7. Can't beat orange juice. If I feel a cold coming on, drink a load of it and it usually keeps it at bay.